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  • Welcome to Kilkenny Irish Traditional Music Trail

    Join us for a mighty night of fun, music, stories, songs, history and culture, laughter and merriment. Take one of our Traditional Irish Music Tours around the centre of Ireland's most historic city, Kilkenny.

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  • Private Traditional Irish Music Tours in Kilkenny

    An intimate and informal musical evening exploring the living tradition in Ireland for groups/private tours and hotels in Kilkenny. You pick the venue and we provide an unforgettable musical journey into the history and heart of traditional Irish Music.

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  • About Tricia

    Tricia Hutton is one of Irelands most acclaimed Irish musicians. Playing Irish fiddle since she was 5 years old she has grown up steeped in Traditional Music. She has played and toured with some of the biggest shows in the world, including Michael Flatleys “Lord of the Dance” and Traditional super group “Lia Luachra”.

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  • Irish Traditional Music

    Learn: Why so many Irish tunes have no words! What the difference is between a jig and a reel! What came first: the dance or the music!

    Learn: Why Irish music and Guinness mix so well! Why the music is so well travelled! Where and how the musicians learned their craft!

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“We booked this Trad Trail in advance and are so glad we went! It was definitely a highlight of our trip. We were 2 adults and 3 children and all had a great time! It was nice that it wasn’t too late in the evening (7 p.m.-9 ish), so you have the flexibility of going out afterwards all pumped up and in a great mood, or can turn in early after a super pub tour.” — Three kiddos, Virginia

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